PSEO Enrollment Process

4 Easy Steps to go to college for free
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1) Make Sure You’re Ready and Eligible

Look up the PSEO application process at the college/university that you're interested in attending. Some places accept more PSEO students than others! Think about your academic strengths and weaknesses. Are you willing to invest in your time management skills? If possible, talk to students who are already in PSEO (People for PSEO can help connect you to PSEO students at any college in the state)!

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2) Plan Ahead of Time

Meet with your academic counselor prepared to discuss what classes you plan to take through the PSEO program. Remember that you have high school graduation requirements that must be met! Use this meeting to ask any final questions that you may have about the PSEO program.


3) Gather Your Application Materials

Depending on where you enroll in PSEO, you may to submit test results from the Accuplacer or the MCA. You will also need to submit a Notification of Intent to Enroll form by May 30th each year so that your high school knows you're serious about PSEO!

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4) Apply!

We recommend that you apply to more than one college at a time in case you aren't accepted. However, please note that the application process at some (not all) colleges is much more negotiable than regular college admissions! If you aren't accepted, but still want to do PSEO, reach out to us and we will help however we can.

PSEO Questions

How much does PSEO cost?

Tuition, books, fees, and required course materials are covered by Minnesota. Transportation costs are reimbursable for low-income families.

How do PSEO credits work?

PSEO students earn both high school and college credit at the same time. A four credit college class is worth an entire year of subject credit at your high school.

Where can I do PSEO?

You can apply to almost any
community college, 4-year
university, or technical college in the state! You can also attend more than one college at once. See here for a full list of colleges that accept PSEO students!

What is PSEO?

Through PSEO, 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students can fulfill high school graduation requirements by enrolling in college - for free!

What courses are available?

PSEO students can take almost any undergraduate college course through PSEO on a part-time or full-time basis.

Am I still a high school student if I do PSEO? 

Yes! PSEO students are still enrolled in their district and can participate in high school sports, clubs, and programs. You can even take online PSEO classes through your high school computer lab!

Top 10 Tips To Succeed in PSEO

1) Utilize Office Hours!

Professors love PSEO students! This is the best way to get help with difficult class materials.

2) Manage Your Time!

It takes time to adjust to college courses. Allocate blocks of time solely for studying!

3) Join Students Groups

PSEO is an amazing way to access countless student groups. Use PSEO to explore careers and learn!

4) Make Friends on Campus

Use PSEO as an opportunity to meet new people. Create a support network with other PSEO students!

5) Bring Food to Campus

If you go in-person, bringing food is the cheapest way to stay full of energy for learning!

6) Plan Transportation

Transportion is one of the biggest barriers to accessing PSEO. Consider online class options, carpooling, or public transportation

7) Find a Good Study Spot

Find a spot on campus where you can study and do homework - preferably with other PSEO students!

8) Stay Involved at School!

Doing PSEO doesn’t mean you can’t stay involved with friends and activities at your high school

9) Keep Track of Due Dates

Use a school planner or Google Calendar to track assignments, group projects, and due dates!

10) Use PSEO Classes to Save Money

Take credits that count towards both your high school and college to maximize your savings!