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About Zeke

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You'll work with our Executive Director, Zeke Jackson, to take your next steps into the PSEO program. Zeke has served as the CEO of People for PSEO since he was 17 years old and a PSEO student at the University of Minnesota. In May 2023 he graduated from UMN after studying political science and entrepreneurship. During his time in college, he was awarded the Tomato Can Loving Award, the DePodesta Leadership Fellowship, and he represented 30,000+ students serving as the Undergraduate Student Body Vice President.

In his role at People for PSEO, Zeke has given over 200 presentations informing Minnesota communities about the PSEO program, helped dozens of families navigate PSEO enrollment, and since 2019 he has consistently been invited to testify on topics relating to PSEO and dual credit at the Minnesota Legislature.

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