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The Post-Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) program helps Minnesota students save $60 million in college costs on an annual basis. Additionally, it effectively addresses several of Minnesota’s most critical educational issues: gaps in socioeconomic access to higher education, high school graduation rates, college graduation rates, and college debt.

In addition to solving issues for students, the program is also great for the state. Research by the Minnesota State Auditor found that more than half of high school principals felt PSEO increased collaboration between high schools and colleges. School district leaders acknowledge that PSEO encourages high schools to offer more opportunities for dual credit courses on their campuses. To better understand the barriers that prevent students from participating in the PSEO program, we conduct and compile research in an attempt to identify actionable changes that can be made by stakeholders and policymakers. 

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PSEO Information Gap Reports

Read our research on what high schools say (or don't say) about PSEO on their websites!

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MDE Rigorous Course-Taking Reports

The Minnesota Department of Education provides annual data about MN Dual Credit programs. Download below!

Data & Other Reports

PSEO is Related to

Lowered Disparity in

K-12 Graduation Rates

PSEO is Related to

Lowered Disparity in

College Graduation Rates

PSEO is widely supported by families - 1996 Legislative Audit

PSEO saves MN students $60 million each year

Improving MN's Dual Enrollment Funding System: College in High School Alliance

Dual Credit: Opportunity and Equity Indeed

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