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PSEO Pioneer: How One Student's 64+ College Credits Sparked a Passion for Policy Change

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

My name is Samara Pearson and during my junior year at Big Lake High School, I enrolled in PSEO as a full-time student at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. PSEO is a concurrent enrollment program that enables high schoolers to earn free college credits online or at a college campus. I am on track to graduate high school with 64 college credits. Besides the fact that I can streamline the college process, I like PSEO because students can really take charge of their education, and set the stage for opportunities beyond graduation. Personally, participating in the PSEO program has allowed me to create a flexible schedule and introduce myself to a diverse environment. PSEO has also allowed me to advocate for the expansion of PSEO at the MN state legislature, as I’m serving as the policy director this spring at People for PSEO. Which is helpful because I plan on pursuing a career in government, or possibly becoming a family lawyer, after high school. I would also like to encourage other students to participate if they need a change in environment, or want to try out the college setting before they graduate.

Those who are interested in participating or learning more about PSEO can contact People for PSEO by visiting our website at

By Samara Peterson

People for PSEO Policy Director

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