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Katyanna Taylor - Saved $13,000 and Earning Associate's Degree

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

Meet Katyanna Taylor! She saved approximately $13,000 in tuition expense, earning 60 credits, from enrolling in the PSEO program at Minneapolis Community and Technical College -- starting her journey in 11th grade! She is currently getting a head start in completing her generals, planning to study sociology with an interdisciplinary studies minor, or a minor in social and economic justice. By enrolling in the PSEO program she will be earning an Associate’s degree in Arts by the end of this semester (Spring 2021)! Here are some of her thoughts on her experience:

KATYANNA: As a biracial woman, I struggled feeling accepted at my predominantly white high school. Additionally, although I did well in my AP classes, I still received a two out of five on both of my AP exams. When I found out about PSEO through an informative meeting, I was instantly hooked on the opportunity. I always knew I wanted to go out of state for college, however coming from a low-income family, the price tag of out of state tuition would be impossible to pay for on my own. So, I made it my goal to achieve my associate degree through PSEO in hopes of having the best chances of transferring credits and reducing my future costs.

By taking advantage of dual enrollment, I finally met truly diverse people, and not just racially. It is the most diverse learning environment I have experienced, and my differences made me feel right at home.

I loved listening to my classmates’ life stories, and I was intrigued how everyone was at a different place in their life. At 8 am on my very first day, I met my favorite teacher Liz McLemore at Minneapolis College who has been extremely supportive though my college application process and whom I continue to have frequent contact with. I’ve also met some of my closest friends through PSEO, who have all greatly impacted my life. PSEO allowed me to explore career options earlier and take a variety of classes that align with my interests like Forensic Science, Poetry and more. It positively changed my high school experience by teaching me how to be independent and opened doors to an alternative route for advanced courses. I’d 110% recommend PSEO to high school students. It’s a risk worth taking that not only saves you money, but also teaches you life skills that may not be learned through a normal high school education.

What are your goals after college?

KATYANNA: After college, I aspire to fight income inequality by proposing new ideas on how to reduce the wealth gaps and close economic barriers for underprivileged youth.

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