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Neal Mukherjee - SAVED $130,000 and Graduating TWO Years Early

Meet Neal Mukherjee! He saved approximately $130,000 in tuition expense and residence costs, earning 71 credits, by transferring his credits from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities and UMTYMP programs to the University of California, Berkeley (tuition and fees amounting to $44k/yr for out-of-state students). At the University of California, Berkeley, he is pursuing a bachelor’s of science (BS) in chemical biology and a bachelor’s of arts (BA) in molecular and cellular biology. He plans to take a couple gap years conducting biomedical research before applying for medical school. Having attended the PSEO program he will be graduating TWO years early!

NEAL: Hello! My name is Neal Mukherjee and I was a PSEO student for 2 years at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities before being admitted as a freshman to the University of California, Berkeley where I will be graduating 2 years early this May. Thanks to PSEO I have saved close to $130,000 in tuition and residence costs that would have made attending an out-of-state college much more difficult for me financially. The program definitely helped me adjust to the collegiate environment and prepared me well for the academic rigor of my upperclassmen years. I can safely say that PSEO has made a massive difference on my financial and academic standing and am extremely grateful for groups like People for PSEO spreading the word on the incredible savings and doors PSEO can open for any high school student. To any student considering PSEO, I highly encourage you to take the time and research it, make a 1-2 year course plan, and work with your support system to explore whether this incredible opportunity is feasible for you.

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