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Graduating Debt-Free: My Life-Changing Experience with Minnesota's PSEO Program

Next fall, I will graduate early and completely debt-free from the University of Minnesota, because I was able to leverage the PSEO program during high school. I want other students and families to know about this experience because it is truly life-changing, and too few in our communities know about it.

PSEO stands for Post-Secondary Enrollment Options and allows any 10th-12th grade student in Minnesota to take courses at colleges and other post-secondary institutions across the state, free of cost for tuition, books, and lab fees. Tenth-grade students can take one career and technical education course in their first semester, and more in their second semester. Students in 11th and 12th grade can take as many classes as their chosen institution allows, in any subject. They can take these courses full-time, part-time, online, or in-person, allowing students to personalize their experience and balance their time in high school with their time in college. By taking college courses in high school through PSEO, students save time and money on their post-secondary education.

Many students and families I have spoken to about PSEO have been uninformed about the opportunity and the benefits, and many have mentioned that they wish they had known about it during their high school years. I think it is very important that every student knows about this program, and I encourage prospective students to learn about their options! If you want more information visit or the Minnesota Department of Education website.

By Beatrice Handlin

People for PSEO Board of Directors, Vice President

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