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Starley Vue - SAVED $25,000 - Earning 48 Credits at UMN & Century College

Meet Starley Vue! She saved approximately $25,000 in tuition expense, earning 48 credits, from enrolling in the PSEO program at the University of Minnesota and Century College -- starting her journey in 11th grade! She is currently majoring in Biology, Society, and the Environment.

STARLEY: My counselor introduced me to PSEO and connected me to current PSEO students and shadowing opportunities. After reflecting on my shadowing experience of a day in the life of a PSEO student and hearing about others experiences, I was confident that I wanted to get a head start in my educational journey. PSEO allowed me to live like a college student. I had more freedom to schedule my semesters and learned about the tips and tricks needed to have academic success. The top three things that helped me achieve academic success were the academic support centers such as the writing or STEM tutoring spaces, going to office hours, and creating a weekly schedule. I hope more students will continue to enroll in the PSEO program and learn more about what kind of future they want to create.

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