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People for PSEO's 2023 Information Report Reveals Minnesota's PSEO Information Deficiency

Our recently released report has brought attention to an alarming issue within Minnesota's education system. The report reveals that a significant number of districts and charter school websites in the state are not providing required information to families and students, potentially depriving them of substantial savings opportunities.

PSEO, or Postsecondary Enrollment Options, holds great potential for Minnesota students and families. Previous research has shown that participating in PSEO can result in significant cost savings of up to $60 million per year for families. Moreover, PSEO allows students to gain valuable college credits, reduce future tuition expenses, and gain early exposure to career paths. These advantages make PSEO an important tool for narrowing graduation gaps and providing students with a head start in their educational journey.

The 2023 PSEO Information Gap Report evaluated 390 school district and charter school websites across Minnesota. Surprisingly, 57.18% of the evaluated websites did not meet legal obligations.

People for PSEO is an organization dedicated to promoting educational opportunities and we first brought attention to this issue through our 2022 information gap report. The failure to comply with the state law significantly affects Minnesotans. As a result, many families miss out on potential savings in college tuition costs.

The report's findings indicate that 223 out of 390 school districts in Minnesota are not in compliance with the state law regarding sharing up-to-date PSEO information on their district website. These figures highlight the substantial prevalence of non-compliance and the unequal access to important information among Minnesota students and families.

This raises concerns about the missed opportunities for families to achieve significant financial savings and future career advantages. Addressing this information gap is crucial to ensure equal access to resources that can positively impact students' educational journeys.

For more detailed information and insights from the PSEO Information Gap Report, please refer to the full report.

By People for PSEO

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