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Molly Yang

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

Molly Yang

Molly Yang is currently a senior at Open World Learning Community but also a full-time PSEO student at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. She’s been a participant in the PSEO program for about 3 years, with her first 2 years at St. Paul College. Next fall, Molly will be attending the U of M and majoring in psychology. Eventually, Molly hope’s to continue her studies and work towards a doctorate degree. When she’s not focusing on school, she is either painting and drawing in her free time, or she’s watching anime. She also loves to spend time with her dog, Totoro, and going on walks with him. Recently, she’s been spending time learning about current events and engaging with peers and organizations to speak up about these issues.

Being in the PSEO program has allowed her to not only explore her options for her future career, but also help me save money for college. After this semester, Molly would receive 37 credits during her time in PSEO. Along with that, it helped her gain independence and the skills to navigate through college, making the transition from high school to college easier. Molly is excited to be a part of the PPSEO team to ensure other students can learn about the benefits of PSEO and can have a positive experience as she did.

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