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Kim Vo - Saved $20,000 and Graduating ONE Year Early

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

Meet Kim Vo! She saved approximately $20,000 in tuition expense, earning 39 credits, from enrolling in the PSEO program at Anoka-Ramsey Community College and the University of Minnesota -- starting her journey in 11th grade! She is currently a student at the University of Minnesota--Twin Cities, majoring in finance, hoping to become a financial analyst in the health industry. Having attended the PSEO program she will be graduating ONE year early! Here are some of her thoughts on her experience:

KIM: I chose to do PSEO after taking a few AP classes as an underclassman in high school. I wanted to explore other options and started by testing out PSEO at ARCC my junior year, mixing AP classes and part-time PSEO classes into my schedule. I enjoyed PSEO in the sense that I had the freedom to take a variety of classes that weren’t offered in a standard high school curriculum that aligned with my schedule in addition to how there were no “AP-like” exams to receive the credits after the class was done. Prioritization was a skill I refined to balance college classes, high school classes and activities, and time for my friends and family. I liked my experience so much that I committed as a full-time PSEO student the following year as a high school senior at the University of Minnesota. After another year of an academic challenge and the personal growth that came along with it, I reflected that it was a truly remarkable opportunity to be enrolled as a student at a university and having the PSEO program’s support. It has made me more confident going into college because I know what to expect and the financial burden has been eased, allowing me to focus more on my academic and career goals!

What are your goals after college?

KIM: As I narrowed down my career goals, I have asked myself how could my abilities impact others in a positive way? Since something that I strongly value is compassion for others, I hope to pursue a Financial Analyst role at a health-based company after college.

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