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Inside the PSEO Program: How One High School Senior is Fast-Tracking their College Journey

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

During my senior year at Edina High School, I enrolled as a part-time PSEO student at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. PSEO is a concurrent enrollment program that enables high schoolers to earn free college credits online or at a college campus. I am on track to graduate high school with 89 college credits and no debt.

Students can decide exactly how many PSEO classes they would like to take and can still enjoy all the traditional high school experiences such as band, school dances, academic clubs, and sports. Due to PSEO, I get the opportunity to build and maintain professional relationships at a young age. As a part-time PSEO student, I don’t feel isolated at all from my high school peers.

Additionally, participating in the PSEO program has allowed me to pursue coursework that both broadens my horizons and directly works towards my career plans. I would not have had the opportunity to take as many diverse electives and seminars or take upper division mathematics and statistics courses without PSEO. After graduating from high school I plan on enrolling full-time at a four-year university majoring in computer science. In college, I will likely be able to complete my bachelors and obtain a masters degree within three years.

I would strongly recommend other students to consider participating in PSEO. Those who are interested in participating or learning more about PSEO can contact People for PSEO, a nonprofit advocacy organization, at or visit its website at

By Ansel Erol

People for PSEO Finance/Fundraising Director

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