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Derek Williams - SAVED $10,000 and Pursuing an additional 41 credits

Meet Derek Williams! He is a CURRENT PSEO student and has saved approximately $10,000 in tuition expense, earning 19 credits, from enrolling in the PSEO program at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities and Century College -- starting his journey in 11th grade! Moreover, he has planned an additional 41 more credits before graduating from high school. His goal is to earn a bachelor’s of science in biochemistry towards an eventual M.D. to contribute to the field of radiology as a diagnostic radiologist. By enrolling in the PSEO program he will plans to graduate two years early!

DEREK: My name is Derek Williams and I am a current PSEO student at the Univerity of Minnesota Twin Cities and a Junior at Centennial High School. I learned about PSEO after taking AP courses at my high school and feeling disconnected from the college preparation and experience expected. I then went to the information sessions held by my high school, the University of Minnesota, and Century College to learn more about PSEO. I started off as a part-time student at Century College in 10th grade to ensure fit and the required academic proficiency. I then transferred to the University of Minnesota PSEO program this year in 11th grade. By participating in PSEO, I have currently saved $15,000 in tuition and residence costs with an estimated total upon graduation of nearly $55,000 in savings. The massive financial savings from PSEO will allow me to further my education without taking on excessive student debt. Another significant benefit is the gaining of college credits, which this great benefit will allow me to graduate a planned two years early from college. Furthermore, PSEO has prepared me for college success with the development of essential time management skills, necessary academic proficiency for rigorous courses, and nearly complete freedom compared to high school. I can definitively say that PSEO has been the best decision I have yet made as it has significantly strengthened my academic standing, and financially freed me to pursue my interests in higher education. I entirely recommend PSEO for the incredible academic benefits, opportunities, and control over your education that it offers. For any student interested in PSEO, I encourage you to talk to your academic advisor or counselor to see if PSEO is the right option, and develop a plan to greatly advance your education with PSEO. I would also like to thank People for PSEO for advocating and enhancing PSEO for the benefit of all future and current students.

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