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Good for students.
Good for the state.

The Post-Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) program helps students build the skills and self-confidence needed to succeed in a post-secondary education. Dual credit effectively addresses Minnesota’s most critical educational issues: gaps in socioeconomic access to higher education, high school graduation rates, college entrance rates, college debt. 

In addition to solving issues for students, the program is also great for the state. Research by the Minnesota State Auditor found that more than half of high school principals felt PSEO increased collaboration between high schools and colleges. Moreover, school district leaders acknowledge that PSEO encourages high schools to offer more opportunities for dual credit courses on their campuses (Nathan, et. al, 2005). 

PSEO builds academic momentum

It helps students build skills and self-confidence needed for success in higher education. Although there are academic requirements for enrollment, all students should consider it an option. People enroll in PSEO for reasons ranging from access to more rigorous coursework, saving on college costs, having a more flexible work schedule, and faster graduation.

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