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Donations fund our mission

At People for PSEO, we are dedicated to making higher education more accessible and affordable for everyone. Your generous donation helps us fund our initiatives relating to advocacy, outreach and awareness. With your help, we can continue to work towards our mission of making higher education more attainable for all. Your contribution will make a difference in the lives of students who need assistance in achieving their educational goals. Thank you for your support of our mission to make higher education more affordable and accessible.

Impact Reports

Your support makes an impact

It costs $2 to connect each middle or high school student with information and resources from People for PSEO. The average PSEO student earns $3,120 worth of college credits each school year - that's a huge return on your philanthropic investment!

Who your donations help

People for PSEO works with students of all socioeconomic backgrounds and focuses on sharing information with students whose identities are most underrepresented in PSEO participation rates. Dual-enrollment programs have been shown to have an incredible impact on students ability to afford and complete college and succeed in their careers.


¡Gracias por ayudarnos a marcar la diferencia!

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