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About People for PSEO

People for PSEO is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting, defending, and expanding opportunities through the PSEO program, which enables high school students in grades 10-12 to earn 2+ years of free college credits. We believe the PSEO program creates economic mobility in our communities. Our board and staff work to collect and curate resources for students, educate the public, and close disparities in PSEO enrollment.

Want to get started on PSEO?

Complete our PSEO Interest Form and meet 1:1 with our staff!

Learn how PSEO works, read student testimonials, and get a head start through PSEO!

Learn why PSEO is good for our students and our state. Share your story to improve PSEO!

Volunteer, learn about our impact, and support our mission!

IMG_7912 (1).jpg

Joshua Hodge and Jonah Martinez handing out PSEO flyers at a community event, 2020. 

People for PSEO staff handing out flyers at a community event!

Beatrice Handlin and Thea Pappas handing out flyers at an event, 2023. 


We are a team of current and former PSEO students who want to make your PSEO journey smooth and successful!


Team photo of Beatrice, Samara, Zeke, and Jonah, 2023.


Team photo of Thea Pappas and Katyanna Taylor, 2023.

Stay up to date on PSEO with our blog!

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