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What does PSEO mean?

PSEO stands for "Post-Secondary Enrollment Options"

What GPA do I need to do PSEO?

It depends on the college, because every college has slightly different admission requirements. See here for a list of all PSEO colleges.

What is PSEO?

PSEO lets 10th-12th grade high school students earn free college credits by directly enrolling into a college!

Who pays for PSEO in Minnesota?

The state of Minnesota pays for PSEO. PSEO is free college in the same way that you get free high school!

Is PSEO a good idea?

PSEO is a great idea for students who want to save time and money on a post-secondary education. PSEO is worth it!

How many states have PSEO?

Most states don't have anything like PSEO. The states that are most like us include Washington, Ohio, and Florida!

What grades can do PSEO?


Not Eligible


Part-time first semester,
up to full-time second semester


Up to full-time


Up to full-time

What does PSEO cover?

PSEO covers the cost of tuition, the cost of textbooks, and the cost of any other disposable class materials. Students must return all items that they use back to the college.

Can PSEO students study abroad?

Theoretically, PSEO students could study abroad through their college. However, in most cases this would not be free to the family.

Does PSEO affect GPA? 

Yes, it does - but this can vary school by school. We recommend that you talk to your academic counselor to learn more.

Can I do PSEO during the summer?

Yes, you can - but you'll have to pay out of pocket. PSEO is not free during the summer term (for now). 

Is PSEO better than AP?

It depends! As long as you pass the PSEO class, you're guranteed college credit, unlike AP. However, AP credit can sometimes transfer better out of state.

When did PSEO start in MN?

The PSEO Act passed the Minnesota Legislature in 1985 under the direction of late Governor Rudy Perpich and many other advocates!

How many credits is full-time PSEO?

It can depend on the college. Most colleges consider 12+ or 13+ credits to be full-time!

How to PSEO credits work?

PSEO students earn both high school and college credit at the same time. For example, a student taking a 4-credit English course at a college also earns 2 semesters of high school English credits. This can vary across schools, so make sure to check with your academic counselor!

Should I do CIS or PSEO?

It depends on your goals! CIS is a great option for students who prefer to stay in the high school. PSEO usually provides greater flexibility, autonomy, and class variety.

Will I still be a high school student?

Yes! Under state law, PSEO enrollment does not prevent students from taking part in high school sponsored activities, sports, and events. This means that PSEO students can still go to prom, football games, dances, and participate in clubs like band, choir, or robotics. 

Can PSEO students do college sports?

PSEO students must choose between participating in high school sports and college sports - they can't do both. This applies only to formal competitive teams, not to sports clubs.

How well do PSEO credits transfer?

PSEO credits transfer really well within the state, but it can vary greatly outside of the state. We suggest reaching out directly to the college to confirm their PSEO credit transfer policy.


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