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PPSEO @ The Legislature 2024

The Minnesota Legislature is currently in session, and People for PSEO is advocating for bills that will improve and expand the PSEO program to better serve and support students across the state. Read more about our bills below:

This bill addresses various issues in PSEO policy including grade-weighting inequities, PSEO information dissemination, data transparency, & ensuring PSEO students can engage in activities and opportunities at their high schools. 

Sign our letter of support for HF 2537/SF 2359.

This bill is a pilot program that will provide meal stipends to full-time PSEO students to fill in the gaps of the free lunch bill for students bill, ensuring that students have access to meals during the school day!

Sign our letter of support for HF 4722/SF 5128.

Along with signing our letter of support, you can directly contact your legislators in support of the PSEO program and these bills.

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