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Cassey Murphy

Cassandra Murphy is currently the Senior Director of Marketing and Communications at Delta Dental of Minnesota. Cassandra has over 20 years of experience developing, launching and marketing consumer goods for Fortune 500, B2B and B2C brands. Her background includes digital and traditional marketing, website development, social media and public relations.

Throughout her career Cassandra has led philanthropic efforts with a focus on positive social change and equity. She is an experienced public speaker trained in public relations and believes that part of her success stems from an agile and entrepreneurial spirit.

As the mother of two grown daughters and a woman who had to balance continuing her education while working full time and raising two children, Cassandra knows the value of an education. Cassandra is a lifelong learner and believes that education is the key to understanding and continuing to evolve. She feels that it is critical to communicate through thoughtful and respectful language and to learn from each other.

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