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Our Mission

The Post-Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) program is a dual credit program enacted by the Minnesota Legislature in 1985. Its purpose was, and still is, to give high school students the power to control their education by allowing them to enroll at colleges and universities across the state. In this manner, students who enroll in the PSEO program can earn both high school and college credits at the same time by taking classes at a community or technical college, private universities, or state universities - at no cost to the student or family. To learn more about the PSEO program, please navigate to the Registration Center under Services.

People for PSEO is a nonprofit organization of current PSEO students, PSEO alumni, and other PSEO supporters. We aim to reduce student debt and break cycles of poverty in Minnesota via the PSEO program. To this end, we have created three program centers which, together, aim to increase enrollment in the program: the Registration Center, the Student Center, and the Policy Center. 

Graduation Hat Throw

People for PSEO exists to promote, defend, and expand opportunities for PSEO students.

We are a coalition of PSEO students, PSEO alumni, and other PSEO supporters that aim to reduce college debt and break cycles of poverty in Minnesota by increasing enrollment in the PSEO program. We envision a future in which every Minnesota student has the information that they need in order to make a decision in order to participate in the PSEO program - we are here for you.


Registration Center

The Registration Center informs students and families about the PSEO program by highlighting students’ voices and experiences during informative presentations, through newspaper publications, radio interviews, and more. The Registration Center also helps guide students and families through the registration process. Contact this center to request a presentation about the PSEO program or to receive personalized counseling/assistance during the PSEO registration process.

In the Student Center, People for PSEO partners with PSEO student organizations at colleges and universities across the state of Minnesota to inform current PSEO students on how to use the PSEO program to maximize college savings and achieve financial security. This statewide network of current PSEO students hosts social events, professional development events, and provides communities for students during their time in PSEO. Current PSEO students should contact this center to join or create a People for PSEO Student Chapter.

Student Center


Policy Center

The Policy Center conducts research to determine the impact of the PSEO program on high school students, families, and the state of Minnesota. The Policy Center also houses legislative advocacy efforts in which current PSEO students share their stories and experiences with lawmakers to improve state law. Contact this center to learn more about the impact of PSEO and our legislative priorities.

Understand PSEO law


Did you know that there is a transportation reimbursement fund for low-income PSEO students? However, it’s only for 15 cents per mile - it hasn’t been updated after PSEO was created in 1985. Even worse, the MN legislature didn’t update it in 2019 due to the fact that so few students use the fund. People for PSEO thinks that most students don’t know the fund exists. The first step to advocating for the PSEO program is helping yourself and others understand PSEO law. See here for official PSEO law.

Share your story

Did you know that story telling is one of the most powerful tools for justifying a change in laws? Data, research, and analysis is helpful and necessary - but numbers can be manipulated and there is no substitute for a powerful experience. Book an appointment with the Registration Center to help us elevate your voice and share your experience in the PSEO program. 

Read PSEO research

People for PSEO produces and disseminates research about PSEO and dual credit. Stay up to date on our latest findings and research under “PSEO Impact.” 

Get in touch with us!

Do you want help getting enrolled in the PSEO program? Do you want to share information about PSEO at your school, organization, or workplace? Do you want help with enrolling in the PSEO program? Have any questions about who we are, what we do, and how you can get involved? 

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