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At People for PSEO, our purpose is defend, protect, and promote the PSEO program across our communities. PSEO gives high school students the power to control their education by creating more affordable and readily available access to higher education. As a dual-enrollment program, PSEO allows students to complete high school while they work towards their higher education goals.

We are a nonprofit organization of students, alumni, and supporters. We aim to reduce student debt and break cycles of poverty in Minnesota through the economic empowerment that PSEO brings to families. Our mission is accomplished through advocacy projects across our state.

Understand PSEO law

Did you know that there is a transportation reimbursement fund for low-income PSEO students? However, it’s only for 15 cents per mile - it hasn’t been updated after PSEO was created in 1985. Even worse, the MN legislature didn’t update it in 2019 due to the fact that so few students use the fund. People for PSEO thinks that most students don’t know the fund exists. The first step to advocating for the PSEO program is helping yourself and others understand PSEO law.

Share your story

Did you know that story telling is one of the most powerful tools for justifying a change in laws? Data, research, and analysis is helpful and necessary - but numbers can be manipulated and there is no substitute for a powerful experience. Book an appointment with the Registration Center to help us elevate your voice and share your experience in the PSEO program.

Read our research on the PSEO Information Gap Report

People for PSEO produces and disseminates research about PSEO and dual credit. Stay up to date on our latest findings and research here!

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